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The original Cool Boxx for all of your personal cooling needs inside your race car.  Control your temperature down to the degree so you are always comfortable.  No ice necessary.  Just plug in, push the button, and stay cool for as long as you need. Choose the power/control cable length in check out.  This will be determined by where you mount the Cool Boxx in your car and where your kill switch/battery is.  Feel free to reach out to discuss.
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  • Temperature electronically limited to 45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Max cooling water temp of 45 degrees Fahrenheit at an air intake temp of 100 degrees F while connected to the driver’s shirt for an incredible 55 degree temperature delta.
  • Max air intake operating temp of 148 F
  • Weighs 14 lbs. including water
  • 2 G/minute water pump
  • 0.17ci A/C compressor
  • 2,383 BTU cooling capacity
  • 520 cfm internal fans
  • 10 FL OZ water reservoir tank
  • 12v System
  • Deutsch electrical connector
  • Mil spec wiring
  • Built in 4″ air inlet
  • 5052 H32 aluminum cases
  • 15-22 amps power draw ambient temperature dependent
  • Closed loop system, pre cool without shirt being attached
  • Dry brake and single button quick release Vest and Boxx connectors
  • Built in protection:
    • water flow sensor for pump protection
    • compressor will not operate without the pump on to prevent freezing
Cable Length

Cable Length:  10’
Insulated line Length:  7'

  • COOL BOXX comes pre-tested but without liquid, add distilled water to top of fill tube.
  • Upon first use of system connected to Cool Boxx Vest/Shirt make sure to top off with distilled water.
  • Do not over tighten fill tube cap.
  • Thermostat set to 45 degrees Fahrenheit from the factory. If this is too cold, follow procedure below to increase temp:
    • hold set button for 3 seconds
    • tap set button again
    • press up arrow to increase temp and down arrow to decrease temp
  • Connect plus and minus wires to respective battery terminal or kill switch or fuse. If extending wire, use at least 10g. If using a fuse needs to be at least 30 amps.
  • It is recommended to pre-cool Cool Boxx for 5 minutes prior to session.
  • Mount in an area where there is sufficient airflow such as the passenger compartment. If mounted in an area with limited air flow such as the trunk or in a car with factory lexan door windows, outside air will need to be guided into the Boxx intake. This can be done with a 4" nacaduct and duct hosing.
  • Check water levels regularly, recommended at least prior to each event.

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