The Cool Boxx Story

Keeping Cool at the Highest Speeds

Cool Boxx was born from the need for a cutting-edge driver cooling system that could withstand the grueling heat of the race track. 

A passionate racer himself, Viktor Czapla, knew all too well the challenges of battling heat exhaustion and fatigue on race days. 

After years of trying traditional cooling methods that relied on ice and could only offer temporary relief, Viktor set out to create a revolutionary system that would keep him cool, comfortable, and laser-focused from start to finish.

Built By Racers for Racers

At Cool Boxx, we understand the unique demands of professional racing. Our team is comprised of experienced drivers and motorsports enthusiasts who have spent countless hours pushing limits on the track. 

We know that every second counts, and overheating on the track can make the difference between victory and defeat. That’s why we’ve poured our passion and expertise into developing the most advanced, high-performance iceless driver cooling system on the market.

From Inspiration to Innovation

What began as a personal quest for a better driver cooling system has evolved into innovative technology that’s changing the game for race car drivers. 

Our journey has been fueled by our deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re not just creating products – Cool Boxx is redefining the limits of human endurance on the racetrack.


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